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Web Flight Simulator

Web Flight Simulator is a free web based flight simulator online game right in your browser. Fly in a plane across the globe!

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In-game screenshot of an F-16 fighter jet flying above New York skyline


showing earth globe from space

Endless Exploration

Flying without limits. With our flight simulator powered by Google Maps, you can traverse the entire globe and uncover every corner of the Earth from the comfort of your device.

Physics based simulation

Experience flying with every wing and control surface accurately simulated.

fighter jet with arrows coming from each control surface displaying current lift generated by them
phone screenshot of the game showing mobile controls

Great on smartphones

Seamless control at your fingertips. Whether you're using the gyroscope for precise motion control or the intuitive touch-based interface, piloting your aircraft on your smartphone has never been smoother.


1 April 2024

A bunch of small UI updates, added an airspeed display, added an option to quickly fly at the current location from landing page, improved performance so hopefully less sutters.

26 March 2024

Big lighting update! Realtime shadows and direct light from the sun. Also added the landing page you're looking at right now.